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Competences and Law

List of the most important legislative Acts regulating competencies of the Prešov Self-governing Region

  • decorate imageAct No 302/2001 on self-government of higher territorial units (Act on self-government of regions - SGR)
    This Act regulates position of the self-governing region. SGR is ex lege a corporation. It is possible to change the area and the seat of the Region only by law. Authorities of SGR are the Regional representative body – regional parliament and the President of the Region. Obligations and limitations regarding territorial self-government can be imposed only by law or international agreements.
  • Act no 416 / 2001 on conversion of some competences from authorities of the state administration to communes and higher territorial units (so called Small Competence Act)
    This Act regulates the process of conversion of competences originally executed by state authorities, to authorities of self-governing Communes, Town and Regions. Self-governing region realizes execution of public administration through its original (by the Act established) competences or as a transferred execution of the state administration.
  • Act No 446 / 2001 on property of higher territorial units
    Conversion of property of Slovak republic to regional self-governing authorities took place concurrently with conversion of competencies to self-government regions. SGRs exploit these resources while exercising their competences.This Act regulates management with the property held in possession of territorial unit. It also stipulates which parts of the state property are conversed to the possession of higher territorial unit.


Generally binding rulings of PSR


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