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The Slovak Royal Towns


The towns od Bardejov, Kežmarok, Levoča and Stará Ľubovňa (Prešov Region) were granted the privileges of a free royal towns in the Middle Ages.

All four share a proud past, fantastic historical monuments and sincere efforts to preserve the rich heritage. Association of the Four Slovak Royal Towns creates new opportunities fot he preservation of the cultural heritage and the development of tourism.


LEVOČA (www.levoca.sk)

Levoča was first mentioned in  1249. In 1271 the town was mentioned as a centre of the Province of Spiš which received the privileges of the free royal town.

The square is one of the largest medieval squares in Slovakia. It is dominated by the Renaissance town hall, the bell tower and the church of St. Jacob. The altar inside - a master piece of Master Paul of Levoča - is not only a perfect work of art, but with a height of 18,62 m it is also the highest Gothic altar in the world.


KEŽMAROK (www.kezmarok.sk)

Kežmarok came into existence by the merge of some settlements of the loval Slovak population and colonies of the Germen settler. Kežmarok received the municipal privileges in 1269. From the 15th through to the 19th century, more than 60 guilds worked here. honoring the traditional creftsmanship, every year in summer the renowned event "Traditional Crafts of Europe" (EĽRO) takes place.


STARÁ ĽUBOVŇA (www.staralubovna.sk)

Stará Ľubovňa was first mentioned by a document in 1292. it received the greates privilege in 1364, when the Hungarian King Loius I. promoted it a royal free town which has the right of the sword and was freed from the jurisdiction of Ľubovňa Castle. The citizens were granted the advantages of the so called Law of Magdeburg. They had the right to elect the reeve and town council, hold fairs, draught beer, catch fishes and hold trials of their fellow citizens. The bloom lasted until 1412, when the Hungarian King Sigismund of luxemburg gave Stará Ľubovňa as one of 16 towns in Spiš as a pawn to the polish Crown.


BARDEJOV (www.bardejov.sk)

Bardejov was first mentioned in 1241. In 1352, King Louis I. let build the fortifications which have been preserved until the present. In 1376, Bardejov came a free royal town. to honor the successful restoration of the old town, in 1986 the International Trustees of the UNESCO foundation ICOMOS awarded thr town with the European Prize gold medal. in 2000, the historic old town and the Jewish suburb were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. 


Towns in the Prešov Region

  Towns and Municipalities of the Prešov Region  (in the slovak language)



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