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TANAP - Tatra National Park


Photo of  TANAP

It ist the oldest national Park (NP) in Slovakia, and it was established on 1st January 1949.

It is constituted of the highest mountain group in the Carpathian Mountain range.

image 3 - Tanap


The highest point in the NP is the Gerlach peak (2,655 meters above the sea level).

Pisture 5 - Gerlachovský štít (Gerlach peak)

Park is divided into two basic sub-units

  • the Eastern Tatras (the high Tatras with the lenght of 26 km, the Belianske Tatras with the length of 14 km)
  • and the Western Tatras with the lenght of 37 km.

The NP takes the area of 73,800 ha with the zone of protection being 30,703 ha.

Apart from the main function, which is the protection of exceptional natural values, the national park also represents a holiday and health resort, a place for sports and hiking.

Almost 5 milion visitors visit the NP every year, pathways network is approximately 600 km long.

Picture 2

UNESCOhas acknowledged the uniqueness of the Tatras and accepted them together with th Polish national Park into the familyof International Biosphere Reserves in 1993.

There are more than 170 mountain lakes of glacier origin, mountain waterfalls and caves in High Tatras.

Picture 1- Štrbské pleso

TANAP museum

TANAP museum is situated in Tatranská Lomnica; its exposition is divided into several parts:photo by L. Janiga

  • naturalscientific,
  • naturalprotectionist,
  • historical
  • and ethnographic.


The Botanic garden, the exposition of nature in Tatras, is situated on the northeastern side of the Tatranská Lomnica, near hotel Odborár. Its area covers 3,2 ha. Visitors can observe 270 types of plants here.


Phone: +421-52-478 03 65


(from Publication of Presov region - National Parks and protected landscape areas)

Publisher: Prešov region, Photos by: (1) Hotel Patria, (2) Kúpele Tatranské Matliare, (3-5) Ing. D. Guzi.


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