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Wooden churches

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Wooden churches are a specific example of the sacral architecture. In them, popular constructors expressed the harmony of the human soul with the nature and the effort to break away from the everyday life. The jewel of the popular architecture are 26 wooden churches situated in the area of Prešov region. Originally, the churches were Greek Catholic, later some of them were changed into Orthodox. They are dominated by unique Carpathian icons usually set into the iconostasis decorated in Baroque and Rococo style. Wooden churches of the Carpathian arch have an exceptional worldwide value and were inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008, including Roman Catholic wooden church of St. Francis of Assisi in Hervartov built in 1500, Evangelic articular wooden church in Kežmarok (1717), Greek Catholic church of St. Nicolas in Bodružal (1658) and Greek Catholic church of Archangel Michael in Ladomírová (1742).

obrázok 3 - drevený kostolík v Hervartove obrázok 3 - drevený kostolík Ruský Potok

obrázok 2 - dreveneé kostolíky v Bodružali 

obrázok 1 - drevené kostolíky - Ladomirová obrázok 1 - drevené kostolíky - Dobroslava obrázok 1 - drevené kostolíky - Miroľa



(Publication of the Seven Wonders of the Prešov Region)

Published: Prešov region, Text: Ing. D. Guziová, Authors Photo: (1 - 3) Ing. D. Guzi.

Publikované: 05.09.2012 / Aktualizované: 29.09.2014 HoreTlačiť