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Pieniny National Park

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The mountain range of Pieniny is not big, but the 35 km long belt is considered as one of the most beautiful and most valuable natural areas in the central Europe. In the area of Pieniny, the first international natural park was declared in 1932 consisting of Pieniński Park Narodowy and Slovak natural reserve of Pieniny. A typical feature of this area are upright limestone rock faces and turrets, attractive outliers and overhangs of various shapes and mysterious caves. The most dominant, the most beautiful and the most visited mountains are situated on the Polish side – Sokolica and Tri koruny. However, in the area of Pieniny, more natural jewels can be found – Prielom Dunajca, Prielom lesníckeho potoka, Haligovské skaly, cave Aksamitka, Kamienska tisina and the campus of Pieninské lipy. The main attraction of Pieniny and the whole region of Zamagurie is the ride on the typical goral wooden rafts down the river of Dunajec.

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(Publication of the Seven Wonders of the Prešov Region)

Published: Prešov region, Text: Ing. D. Guziová, Authors Photo: (1 - 4) Ing. D. Guzi.

Publikované: 05.09.2012 / Aktualizované: 29.09.2014 HoreTlačiť