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Bardejov – the historical centre

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Bardejov is one of the most beautiful towns in Slovakia, it is also called the most “Gothic” town. Historical town reserve altogether with the complex of buildings constituting the Jewish suburb were inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. The most valuable building of the medieval ones is the monumental Gothic three-aisled basilica of Saint Egidio. It contains 11 Gothic field altars with panel paintings which are European unique examples. A special attention is drawn to the rectangular square lined from three sides by burghers’ houses carrying features of the Gothic and Renaissance architecture. One of the most valuable monuments is the Town Hall with a beautiful oriel, the first Renaissance building in Slovakia. The fortification of the town is as well interesting. The fortification system of Bardejov is one of the most excellent and one of the most preserved fortifications of towns in Europe.

Obrázok 1 - Historické centrum Bardejova

Obrázok 2 - námestie Bardejova - renesančná radnica (pohľad na výšku)

 Obrázok 2 - námestie Bardejova - renesančná radnica

Obrázok 3 - Bazilika- oltár s tabuľkovými maľbami




(Publication of the Seven Wonders of the Prešov Region)

Published: Prešov region, Text: Ing. D. Guziová, Authors Photo: (1 - 3) Ing. D. Guzi, (2) - M. Tribus.


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